Tuesday 1 June 2010

Jesus Christ (Got To Save Them All)



  1. Great Video. I was laughing my ass off. The music is so dramatic like "eye of the tiger".

  2. Now this, of course, is properly disturbing - never mind the brouhaha over the redneck killing the policeman.

    I feel like I've just watched something very, very dirty. In an age where everyone seems intent on being ironic, however, I wonder if this is entirely serious. You've sort of got to hope not.

    Israel Carrasco is right, however, the music is thrillingly dramatic. And the dancing, well, that was enviable. A stunning achievement, whichever way you look at it.

    I should do some work.

    Kind regards etc....

  3. HOLY GOD that was terrifying. Help me Tom Cruise!

  4. Two words and one punctuation mark: JESUS CHRIST!

  5. Oh shit lordy mercy me.
    Heeeelp. This is painful.

  6. no.no.no. but in fairness, i could not watch it all, sugar. xoxoxo

  7. Israel, I think it's the Pokemon theme, that's why it's so catchy. I think I'm being brainwashed.

    TPE, now I feel dirty too, and no amount of washing will ever cleanse me of this video. Loving the Final Fantasy bit at the end.

    Elly Lou, Tom Cruise can't help you now. He's washing his spaceship.

    Leeann, think I'll choose a life of evil after watching this.

    Expat, sorry, it was a typo, haaa!

    Gwendolyn, bear with it. By the power of Pokejesus, you will be healed!

    Savannah, well at least you tried. Pokemon loves a tryer :-)

  8. If these people reallllllly are being inspired by Jesus Christ, does that mean that Jesus has realllllllly bad taste? (Or maybe he's tone deaf?)

  9. Anon, Jesus would be pissing himself at this...Or dancing along wearing a tassled jacket and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, I'm not sure.

  10. There's 3 minutes and 39 seconds of my life I will never get back. I don't even know what to say...and that doesn't happen very often!!

  11. It is possible in the first 42 seconds to hypothesize about which key the young lad is singing in.

  12. Adchick, brilliant isn't it?

    Soundwhiz, it's not helped by the backing singer and his Jesus Christs!