Saturday 8 January 2011

Bear vs Cat


  1. dear Joanne
    please oh please don't start posting "such" things... always gets me angry - like this one : why o why do russians keep such young bears :
    1) cause they shot the mother to take the cub
    2) to either sell it afterwards to a circus or zoo
    3) or to kill it themselves, when the cub is "big" enough to sell the fur

    stupid people
    stupid world

    gets me angry every time
    don't ever think they do this out of charity

  2. of course it's cute, but it also shows how lost the little bear is : in nature the cat would not stand a chance.
    in this life the cub does not stand a chance.
    what a nice life....
    (yup, Sea Shepherd gets a donation from me each year)

  3. I didn't think about that at all. Awww, I saw it like the bear in Gentle Ben.

  4. yup, sometimes the truth hurts...
    (i never thought of you having fun whilst having the thoughts i have in these cases)
    bless you
    + bless the poor little bear

  5. Hopefully the bear turns on the owners.

  6. So you can assume just those 3 things? Maybe it was lost for several days and they took it, shot this video and gave it to the zoo? Maybe the parent died of natural causes?
    What's wrong with giving it to the zoo? You prefer they keep it?
    Maybe it's already a circus animal and they took it back for the holiday :D

  7. I don't think it would be all that friendly unless raised from birth.