Saturday, 23 April 2011

Reporters Getting Owned


  1. some of those looked very painful, ive always loved the black guy with the thing jumping on him

  2. The dude trying to keep from getting bitten by the dog is Bert Case from WLBT in Jackson, MS. His combover makes Trump's look like a poser.

  3. Well Paul to be fair to him I think that bloke Bert showed that dog who was running the show. I've never seen a dog just give up and run off like that. That's the last time that dog messes with Bert Case. "YOU GO!"

  4. Bert got his start on television by staying on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to report during Hurricane Camille. He is a Mississippi boy, we are all tough as nails.

    That said, you really have to see one of his broadcasts to know how funny that dog thing was.

  5. SM, he's like jcdhfoiaue76rbdhgffhjhjrilaghajngvklcjndilahjflasdhjaglafkhjgoiejrvonfsdlkvndfklkdjfnghjortpovirnfnpioekfjkjh!!

    PM, he would be great at scaring bears and tigers away, nothing would mess with him.

    TMITS, he looked like he wanted to use more colourful language but couldn't.


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