Thursday, 18 August 2011

Good Reason To Wear A Seatbelt

Warning: people are thrown from a car, no crying to me about it being rough.
Thanks Peter


  1. other link
    i'm not responsible for the other content of the dumpert-site. nope.
    no better than the london looters, mostly, that site.
    + they're always right, yup.

  2. Removed for "shocking and disgusting content"? Guess these assholes at Youtube don't watch the evening news.

  3. Peter's link put up. Can't have anything too shocking, people might start asking questions and snap out of the mind control!

  4. Oh, wow! It's amazing the guy managed to walk! That was a thin line he barely escaped from, though. If that doesn't make you think twice about seatbelts, then I don't know what would!


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