Thursday 25 August 2011

People getting arrested for Selling 10 cents Lemonade at the Washington Capital



  1. In protest to cops shutting down lemonade stands. Yep, little kids have to have a permit to have a neighborhood lemonade stand. They can't do that, but people can do this:

    I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to protest against that.

  2. them should have sold tea, as in "tea party" - they would have got away with it, i think

  3. Jasmine, yes that seemed inappropriate, maybe he thought he was at the right place, the dumbass.

    K, tea is no good at a lemonade stand

  4. Idiots. Their goal was to provoke a response and they got it.

    I fail to see why people bother with this crap. They knew they needed a permit.

    How about protesting that our moron-in-chief is on vacation AGAIN after screwing up the entire economy?

    Oh, right, because these are the kind of people who voted for him in the first place, thinking that Hope and Change would give them unlimited freedom to pull vapid stunts like this.

  5. Erinyes : on the other hand (that's the left one for me) : the entire economy is screwed worldwide, exept for china & its almost slave laboured production of the iPad

    your "moron" is stil better than the other ones worldwide, for example those "over here" in belgium (or berlusconi ! of sarkozy !)

    if you wanna lose it, just try to understand what's happening over here & you'll see you got a most charismatic one "over there", a hard working one, but one who inherited the crap from the one before him

    or imagine his opponent of the election in power "the fundamentals of our economy are strong"
    yup, we've seen it
    ("bomb bomb bomb iran", even if it was a joke)

  6. E, I just think it's ridulous, banning kid's lemonade stands. That is all. The president is only a face to front the lies and deception, don't think it would matter who it was.

    K,it's a fucked up planet...I'm off to live in a cave.

  7. Joanne, would this "cave" be suitable for you?

    I could see myself enjoying life in these humble surroundings.

  8. It's not a "he" who thinks that. It's a whole group. One of their "people" got shot because of it a couple years ago.

    But anyway, I think it's stupid for kids to have to have a permit for a lemonade stand. It's just another unnecessary tax.

  9. Y'all pretty much missed the point here. You have the right in this country to assemble peacefully and protest something. If you turn violent, you get arrested. If you break other laws in the process, you get arrested.

    This was not a protest, this was an intentional violation by ADULTS of an existing law requiring a permit to sell ANYTHING in the area they set up their stand.

    Had this been a bunch of CHILDREN (chronologically speaking, and not mentally as these people obviously are), I would agree that thee police response was not warranted.

    Laws exist. Don't like 'em? Protest and work to change them. Don't intentionally break them and then whine about police brutality.

    And if you think it's that bad here, go live in a third-world dictatorship and pull your "I want my free speech and freedom to do whatever I want" crap and see what happens.

  10. M, please tell me that's real and you live there...when's the next flight?

    J, I'm going to live in a cave, you comin?

    E, thankfully I live in a different country where we don't have lemonade stands. A hand grenade stand, that's much more likely here.

  11. It is very much real and very much for sale....sadly I don't reside there........

  12. M, how much and will I need to be able to absail to get there?

  13. No need for climbing, drive right up the driveway...and If I remember correctly 1.2 million....
    there is a lot of prime land with it, wildlife, Anasazi ruins that kind of stuff.

  14. Maybe we could both chip in. I don't know what Anasazi is (neither does Google)...

  15. The word "Anasazi" (ah-nuh-SAH-zee) is used to describe a distinctive American Indian civilization and culture that existed from about 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1300 in the Four Corners Area of Southwestern United States.

  16. That's pretty impressive stuff!