Wednesday, 14 September 2011

George Bush & The Internets


  1. still don't miss him
    not even for the "jokes"

  2. K, why would anyone miss that horrible thing.

  3. Yep. Obama is SO much better informed...

  4. that's what he's used to.

    Now I didn't say I liked him, either. Politics is shit, Anarchy!!!

  5. I'm all about the anarcho-syndicalist commune...

  6. makes me appreciate him even more, he does not know the bible

    best expression : "dear god, did you create us, after we created you?"

  7. E, that's how it should be!

    K, I think he has a point...

  8. stephen baldwin??
    (give me Brian Cox any day on tv) (+ Richard Dawkins)

  9. makes me appreciate him even more, he does not know the bible

    So false piety in your eyes is a plus? It's another lame attempt at vote pandering. I couldn't care less about religion. Each to his own. I hate hypocrisy in any form. Obama is one of the worst offenders.

  10. yup
    george was better. and mc cain + palin : oh dear, the world would have had fun (afraid not)

    religion is crap & make believe, being a prez too : you have to speak for "all" yer people, so you have to (downsize, downgrade - don't know the right word) yer possibilities & realisations

    it's science for me - not (the nitwits who) live by an old and very vvery dated book


  11. wery ?
    illiterate too, those belgians!

  12. ooh wait : check on the roman god "mithras" & all the "coincidences" with jesus
    dang, would it have been an invention of some clever politicians...

  13. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Apparently there are a lot of Lincoln-Obama similarities, too:

    It's all crap. You missed my point completely. Hypocrisy1 - it's all about hypocrisy. Obama should just come right out and state he doesn't give a shit about Christianity, but that would make him unelectable and he loves the attention too much to let that go. He's a narcissistic lout spending our tax dollars like a n****r with a paycheck. Yep, I said that. I hope the Solyndra scandal knocks him on his ass.


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