Monday, 12 September 2011

One I Took Earlier


  1. here too, many many many this year. they wanna get a decent plce near the telly prob.
    rather big ones too this year...
    (one should mark 'em to identify 'em - i always put them in a box & put them outside - i never know whether they come back, or it's just uncle this & auntie that i meet afterwards)

  2. That's the thing, every one is identical to his few hundred brothers and sisters.

  3. & they all feel invited to visit me.
    well, they're of course invited to live a good & happy life & eat as much little other creeps as they can, but not to waggle each evening in front of me since a week or 2
    (wonder if they find me creepy)(i can easily name some persons who do so)

  4. This one was terrified, took ages to get him still enough to insert a lol.


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