Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mistletoe Kissing Prank


  1. Kids are so obese now Joanne. I am worried. Metabolic syndrome. Please summon Pin-Head and his Cenobytes.

    1. Hey those kids in the vid didn't seem fat...*looks in mirror* ARGGHHH

    2. I have some time off. I was not talking about those kids. They are pretty healthy. I am glad you got to take a trip over the pond and snap some wonderful pics. I am amazed at your artistry. Not many people remember pin head and the cenobites. Muuuhhhhhaaa New screen saver is grump cat. Merry Christmas

    3. Crud. Your bots are worse than Janet Nepal-I-Mountain. Yes she is the Yeti. I spelled yakmouthwashoregeno twice before the bot let me post. The Vid is great. BTW thanks for posting your art and pics. I visit your blog daily at 5 am. Gizz.

    4. Gizz, that's a very early start! Any time before 8am is the middle of the night to me, ha ha :D Merry Crapmas!