Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Supervise Scissors


  1. Not really in the best taste right now...

    1. Not everyone is glued to the Newtown news, and Joanne isn't in the US. Think of all the children who are killed each day in other countries, children whose stories are never documented and go unnoticed by the world at large. Are there lives not as valuable as those in Newtown? IMO, it's a slippery slope to say that a cartoon about the "dangers of scissors" is somehow bad taste. Then what is bad taste, and when does it become more acceptable?

    2. Oh gawd. I think I scheduled that post before the massacre happened, Jeff. lakshwadeep thanks for your continued support, it's true there are 10's of 1000's of poor children dying every day around the world, not in the spotlight. It's an evil old world :(

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    1. I've had 2 nice comments in a row. Must be a record :)