Sunday 23 June 2013



  1. I intend never, ever, to ask for the prize.

    Her shoes are clunky too.

    I'm guessing this is some fashion student's end of year show,and I'm not predicting great things for her.
    It did make me muse, though, on the nonsense of fashion, how each year we see the pictures of gaunt models hobbling down a catwalk in ever more bizarre outfits, that nobody there ever imagines for a moment will be worn by a real person in the real world. And we see some wizened gnome of an international couturier lionized for their 'vision'.

    A year on? none of it has filtered down into the real world. Nobody ever said 'I'll have the barbed-wire and entrails number for my wedding dress'. Except lady gaga, maybe.

    1. It's all a load of nonsense...1lb of pork sausages and enough steak to make a dress, please. The only good thing catwalks brought were the compilations of models falling over.