Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Blogging delays

Excuse me while the useless twats at Orange bugger up my internet connection for another while. If you are thinking about buying internet/phones/anything off them, don't. I am paying for a 4mb connection and receiving speeds of up to 128kb since the 19th.

After various abusive emails all answered with the same reply of "ring us", I was speaking to the nice lady from Orange India this morning, her name was Alibakajidoofayeudahafajiooo - she told me they would get a line test underway and try to use the phone as little as possible for the next 4 hours...I rang back after work to find Geordie Andrew on the end of the phone "Howay man ye slowin' wi doon like!" who advised me that they wouldn't do anything until I conducted at least 3 BT speed checks. So, fuckatrust from this morning was bullshitting me.

On an angry scale of one to ten, I am Hulk.


  1. You Have My Sympathy Joanne.These Call Centers are all the same.AOL are just as bad.I hope you get things sorted out soon.

  2. What do you need phones for business or?

  3. Whatta hell are you doing in India?

  4. Momo, I don't use their shite mobile service thankfully!

    xco, I'm not in India - I ring the customer service and get put through to someone in India! Quality.


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