Monday, 15 September 2008

Last nights dream

I found a nest of incredibly cute fluffy kittens (who could talk) then I went into the bathroom to discover a fully grown bull emerging from the toilet. I attempted to help it out when I saw its wrath and I ran.

Does anyone know what the dream means...should I go on the computing course, or is this a grave warning against it?

Maybe all my questions will be answered here

The computer class was cancelled, why didn't any of you forsee this? *sulks*


  1. Personally, I'd flush more than once. Five times doesn't sound unreasonable under the circumstances.

  2. ... and I'm calling b.s. on the Oracle. When his advice is "Avoid cards, women and wine" does it even matter what the question was?

  3. have solved the mystery...the whole thing is bullshit.


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