Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Salvia trip


  1. I'd say that was premium bud.
    His first time obviously caught him by surprise.
    Ah weed grown in the proper climate you can’t beat, though the factories these days produce some good strong stuff. However, Californian/Mexican sun shining on a plant in and around twelve hours a day drawing the plant to produce thick black resin to protect itself ……. Well you get the picture. Wham!

  2. Momo, he's using a legal plant, hard to believe it's a member of the sage family :-) I never heard it mentioned in Scarborough Fair.

  3. Well if he is only smoking sage he should get an Academy award for that act.
    The over the top reaction fooled me I have to admit.


  5. Ah ok, so we’re talking about psychoactive drugs.
    A new one on me. I’d like to give it a whirl.
    I’ll look into it though I imagine it is difficult to grow if it thrives in a Mexican climate.

    I thought (it seemed a real uncomfortable space out) he was having a reaction.

    Thanks for the info. very interesting. I feel quite out of touch. Sage, who would ever think?

  6. If all else fails you could make it into a nice stuffing.


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