Wednesday 12 November 2008

Swearing in Doctor Who?

Series 1 Episode 1 Part 3 - The Forest of Fear...Does Ian Chesterton say "Oh Fuck!"? Crikey!


  1. Sounds like Oh Fuck to me.
    WHO the fuck does he think he is using such foul language, for Jasus sake.

  2. Momo, I find his language appalling...he got away with it only because the respectable good folk of 1963 were off their feckin' heads on LSD.

    The bastards!

  3. So William Russell must be the first person on TV to say "fuck" then and not Charles Rocket in 1980 on Saturday Night Live.

    'Why is it that whenever I write
    F you see K?'

  4. Gary...I see what you did there!