Sunday, 14 December 2008

That's my niece, Diane, she's going to hell.

(Click for bigger)


  1. If she's going to Hell, it's probably for sucking Uncle Lloyd's cock...

    I doubt dancing would be an issue...

  2. Uncle Lloyd probably wants her to suck his cock and she won't, that is probably the true issue here.

  3. the church is right down the road from me. too funny

  4. "That's my Aunt Mrs. Lloyd. She's going to church. It's free, they don't pay taxes, and they have bake sales. When I'm through dancing, maybe I'll scarf down a little shortbread and get massive like her."

  5. D'man/Blaster, I think you may both be onto she's found a real boyfriend, uncloe Lloyd is well pissed.

    Amy - dare you to go to it on Sunday and when the hymns come on, start dancing like a

    Coop, I wouldn't say it's know god likes the people who give weekly offerings better than those who don't - they're going to hell!


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