Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Three pugs tilting heads



  1. Love it.
    PS: I can't post a comment on that lying bastards blog.
    It keeps rejecting the comment, any ideas?

  2. Think you have to create an account, momo.

  3. It's okay, Momo, post it here. I come by all the time.

    Sorry, Mo'Time's made some major changes and some of the stuff doesn't work. When that happens to me on Blogspot, I click the Permanent Link thing first, and then leave a comment. Thanks for trying, though.

    Thanks, Joanne. As long as I'm here, can I use the washroom?

  4. do you wanna use the toilet? do ya waaannna use the toilet??? (are you tilting your head?)

  5. Too late, I used the dog park. You have bags, I hope.
    - fackerfi (seriously)

  6. i ain't pooper-scoopin' after you i'm afraid, you can bury it!

    i don't have to use word verification on my own blog but i'll make up one...

    - sploofter

  7. Hi, Am I supposed to see anything here? I think there's a mistake, because the only think I'm able to see in the page is the headline!
    Well, anyways, I can't say I liked your post (ha!) but I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.


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