Tuesday 25 August 2009

Zombie Card


  1. Bleedin’ hell, no way. I don’t want the after life to be remotely like this life; preferably with no people, or something beyond. I can’ stand it here with all these fucked up idiots- it has got to be just a test.
    Imagine heaven or hell for that matter with gob-shites. As I said HELL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

  2. its not a test. this is all you got. and based in lack of paranormal experience by me, after this there´s nothing... But I hope my cat go to cat heaven, cuz the others cats dont like him.

  3. life... catch-22 man

  4. I would keep one of those in my wallet.

  5. Momo, the thought of not dying is far more scary than the thought of dying, I agree.

    Anon 1, my poor cat is the same, always looking over his shoulder. They scared him so much one night he diarrheaed all over the door. I hope they go to cat hell.

    Anon 2 - we die, then we can't die?

    Lemmy, this may work if you're taken to the hospital of St. Frankenstein.