Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Lesson To Be Learnt



  1. That's a good example of why I stayed "selfishly" single. Personally, psychopaths freak me out as did Em.

  2. This sounds like the 'two-faced' women at work I have to deal with daily. God I can't stand them.
    A lot of them are borderline personality types.. so that you are either 'all good or all bad,' depending on their mood swings.

  3. Ah sure, you have good trips, and you have bad trips.

  4. we work at the same place?

    Momo, true, easy come easy go.

  5. At the beginning he says he talked about his trip often. But he doesn't say he did his talking with her. As big a pot of oysters as she is, I still get the impression he tied his kite with a granny knot. Too bad those wackos didn't stay together, because now there are two disasters running around loose.

    - splog (yes, splog)

  6. Coop, as a fellow lunatic, I can identify with both of them.


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