Friday 21 August 2009

Is This A Man Or A Woman?

'She' won the 800-meter race at the World Athletics Championships in record time, anyway.

Thanks to Beth Tucker.


  1. i spotted this 'girl' on BBC before all the bru-ha and literally jumped out of my chair shouting 'that's a fucking MAN!'
    It's definately a man, that muscle definition, the power, the height, the running style and to me it seemed obvious in the races that 'she' wasn't running at full pelt, she was holding something back so as not to break any records and not create such a fuss.
    It's a tricky situation to prove though and highly embarrassing if the accusations turn out to be false.
    I can help the IAAF, i could use my charm, get the beast drunk, and when the moment is right...drop the hand. Whatever the outcome, i'm still gonna be running from the building!!!!

  2. lol at your comment

  3. If by any chance she is a real woman, shame on us! Heehee.