Monday 28 December 2009

Best Of Sega Master System (According To Me)

This post was inspired by Barry Nesbitt's Blog

Alex Kidd In Miracle World.

Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Full list of titles


  1. all three of those games are freaking awesome. The master system is a really underrated system.

    It would be on this very day, about 20 years ago I would be totally hooked on the built in Alex Kidd that came with the master system I had received from Christmas.

    oh the nostalgia.

  2. Brownhaze, it took me ages to master this one! They don't make games they way they used to, now you'd need a dozen fingers on the end of 4 arms to control them. Maybe I'll do a Megadrive post next :-)

    TSTWOTI, come to Smout's NYE and I'll hoke out the Master System.