Tuesday 8 December 2009

Let Cody Stay!

Sign the petition to let Cody, a chocolate labrador who wears a shirt and greets customers at his dad's convenience store, stay on duty!



  1. Ah, poor auld Cody left all alone at home.
    Sad indeed.

  2. People preventing cruelty to animals are sometimes cruel.
    Not everything should be black and white or the purpose of right just gets defeated.

  3. Yep indeed. The hygiene thing is taken too far also. Not as if he craps in the Minstrels or chews on a Snickers. (well maybe he does, I dunno).

    Our dogs at home haven't managed to poison us yet, so I'm sure the customers will be alright.

  4. This is what makes me crazy about government intervention.

    Some regulation is fine but there never seems to be a point when the government (or we, the people) say, "You know what? Enough. This is none of the government's business."

    What a waste!!! People liked the dog, it was probably safer because few criminals will willingly go into a place where there is an uncontrollable dog.

    Besides, people can be more filthy than animals.

    Sorry but this just bums me out.

  5. Deana, you got it there, the dog's cleaner than most of the customers.