Friday 25 December 2009

Christmas Weather Conditions

" The guy nearly gets runs over by his own car, Brian Harvey style, and the car ends up hitting a hedge, a Merc and a wall." via

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  1. Well, the first one shows the intelligence of the occupents. "Hmmm. I'm inside a crash-resistant steel box, with seatbelts, and it's moving 4 mph uncontrollably. We better get out before we hit another car! No, no, it's safer outside!"

    And the second one. . . A lot of damage could have been avoided by judicious use of a shotgun. Yes, yes, I'm joking! The driver was either extremely drunk or extremely stupid.


  2. I know you shouldn't laugh, but the second one was clearly American, which explains the extreme cluelessness of the guy who accelerates down the street to find another accident to be part of.

    D'oh !

  3. Chris I think the first one they were trying to stop the car by gripping the ground with their feet. loonies!

    Second one I have no idea what's happening, like dodgems escaped from the amusement park... Merry Christmas!

    Keith, you'd think after seeing the other cars crashing they would give up trying. Maybe they're a bunch of chief Wiggums :-) Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

  4. ps Keith, do you get any of the comments left on soapbox? They never appear.

  5. Joanne, They have to be approved by me now, since I had a nutter leaving abuse on a daily basis awhile back. You will see all of yours on there now as I clicked publish today.

  6. Oh OK Keith, you might have to delete a few duplicates tho :-)