Monday, 1 February 2010

Is Nickleback The Worst Band Ever?

Well, Are They?


  1. They may not be THE worst band ever, but they sure are high up on my list.

  2. No. That would be the band I was in at 17, when several other starry-eyed losers were paid in Johnnie Walker to play at a country town called Simpson, halfway between Nowhere and ShitCreek in Victoria Australia. We played Johnnie (no relation to the whiskey) Be Goode three times becasue we had no playlist and had never practised together all at once, or in fact been in the same actual place together (or apart) until the night of the show when we stumbled on stage and started a rip-roaring version of Johnnie Be Goode.
    If anyone of your reader-base were at the show, they may feel free never to contact me, ever. I have a blank restraining order and can fill in any name I choose!

  3. I am SO sorry about Nickelback. There's from my home province. I am so so sorry.

    I've been to the shitty little town where they're from (it's halfway between nowhere and Saskatchewan). There's a Nickelback mural on the grocery store / town hall.

  4. You know about that duplicate file finder software? I downloaded a program and it deleted all my Nickleback mp3s but one. ;)

    Seriously, I love "Photograph". A childhood friend of mine passed away around the same time that song came out. I've got photos of he and I in our wild days; some people comment that I should take the "flash red-eye" out of them, but I tell them it's not from the flash.

    Other than that, though....

    Kate, that's not so bad. My home town has the Natl. Cow Calling Contest.

    Love this blog; eagerly look fwd. to the postings showing up in my reader.

  5. What a waste of money, haha.

  6. A156, there's a lot of bands I don't like but Nickleback always seem to be hanging around annoying me.

    Expat, I'd still rather be at that gig than Nickleback one. as long as you didn't play Nickleback covers. I would prefer to listen to Cliff Richard.

    Kate, I'm liking the sound of that place, it sounds a bit like Sasquatch (or Samsqanch as Bubbles from TPB said).

    Mike, awww a cow calling contest, how cool is that, yeeooooo! Good job there's no actual law against liking Nickleback, you're safe for now :-)

    Jasmine...but I didn't charge

  7. That would be KISS.
    Though Chad Krueger sounds like he's taking a dump...some of there songs aren't that bad...KISS on the other hand? Atrocious talent.

  8. Jonas Brothers are even worse.

  9. Junablogger, they were just for show, really, weren't they? All make-up and tongues.

    Lerky, I'm so glad to say I have no idea who they are.

  10. I mean a waste of money for whoever put that site up and actually paying to have a domain name.

  11. I agree with Lerky about the Jonas'. Gag gag gag gag.

  12. Jasmine, I know, only kidding :-)


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