Monday, 22 February 2010

Jesus, Look At The Time!


  1. chazza said: an ole job of mine, there was a supervisor who stood by his watch and only his watch. Even Bigben was wrong by him.

    Kept taking the piss out of my watch was always wrong. . .kept referring to it as Micky mouse watch.

    So out shopping one day. . .yes you guessed. Lol bought one 'Walt Disney. . .Micky Mouse' watch.

    The next time he went on about my watch. . .I shoved Micky under his nose.

    His face. . . .was a right picture. Shame no mobiles in those days. . .lol xxx

  2. That'll teach him for trying to be smart :-)

  3. chazza said: Said supervisor looked like Johnathan Ross, even behaved like. So you can guess he wasnt a favourite. . Smug, arragant , loved himself. This job was for the post office.

    We worked with rope weaved sacks, you never sat on the pile of em stored. Due to the fact they were riddled with fleas.. . . So when Our Johnathan lazed more than supervised on said Sacks.

    He soon learnt. . .not to laze. It took a while, but apparently he had to burn his suits and fumergate his BMW.

    Even his own brother didnt warn him and couldnt wait to see. Apparently made great conversation piece at Sunday lunch at their Mums and their families attending.

    Slmfaao at when i see Johnathan Ross on the box , reminds mexxx

  4. haha, couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.


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