Sunday, 28 February 2010

La Bolleur Mini Golf


  1. chazza said: Any takers!!. . When I was holidaying in (then) Yougaslavia. We went bowling, the front looked like every bowling alley.

    When we went in. . .in was going back in time. We were expecting Fred and Barny in the next lane.

    The bowling balls were made of wood, no finger holes and just the size to fit in the palm comfortably in the hand.

    The pins. . .yes were made of wood not as big as ours. . . .wait for this. . . . .attached to strings.

    When got knocked down. . .i think a person pulled or pushed some thing to pull pins up again.

    We had to fetch our ball. . .we laughed so much that we couldnt play seriourly.

    Same no mobile phones in those days. . .would have gone straight on youtube. . .mind you lmfaao yes there was no youtube. Xxx

  2. Chazza that does sound like something from an episode of the Flintstones, haha :-)


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