Monday, 7 March 2011

Cool Nailz


  1. floyd, rush, van halen, metallica & beatles : grandma ????

  2. Cool Grandma, with good taste in music. You should see the other hand...and her toes...did I mention her full back tatoo?

  3. no jess, there's some fantastic music made these days, by fantastic new artists.
    even though i grew up with floyd & so : that's over, behind & finished for me
    (next concerts : Gus Black, Thomas Dybdahl, Justin Rutledge, Talvin Singh.... choice ! more than enough)
    (ha ! first album i ever bought was zzTop's Tres Hombres, as it was released. i was 14) (yup, you do the maths)

  4. Peter/Jess in that case...I'm a bit grandma!

    Sherlock, must admit that's my pick of the bunch there, too.