Friday, 2 December 2011

Polish Arm Wrestling

Thanks Phizy


  1. Polish Arm Wrestling is NOT funny!

    I had a girlfriend do this to me before.

    not funny.

    I used to be so gullible.

  2. Once bitten, twice shy....and the girlfriend is swimming with the fishes.

  3. Hah. A girl with spunk. They're the best kind! And I disagree. This was some of the funniest fuckin' shit I've seen in a long time. It couldn't have been THAT traumatic.

    Don't worry, Cafe. We're not laughing WITH you - we're laughing AT you...

  4. E, it makes it ok when the joke is on someone else! ha ha.

  5. Everything's so funny!
    But... why the camera man looks like if he's playing with himself at the end of the video? Check it at 1:48.
    Oh the humanity!

  6. P, he must have forgotten about the camera...;-)


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