Friday, 24 October 2008

1000th post! Celebrate with choccies!

Knobbly and discoloured, these chocolates have seen better days. But what they no doubt lack in taste, they more than make up for in historic value. The misshapen sweets date back 106 years.


  1. YAY! Happy Blogday. :)
    Here's to 1000 more.

  2. Joanne, I hope that's not what is in the mail. Congratulations on 1,000, here's to 1,000 more at the same pace. No pressure.

  3. Congratulations JC.
    No chance of finding 106 minute old chocolate at your place :-)

  4. Cooper, your prize is food related, although you cannot eat it, you may still feel sick :-) Hmmmmmm.

    Gary, you bloody better believe it!


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