Saturday 11 October 2008

Can I have a suitable mousemat please?

I have pushed the boat out and treated myself to an optical mouse (the inside of the old one did resemble a mouse, oddly enough). Any suggestions on what to use as a mousemat, it isn't taking to the Avon book very well and my desk is full of little holes. The old mousemat was all rubbery and it didn't worky too.

A hardbacked diary done the trick (solid colour)


  1. Welcome back, JC, glad to see you're blogular again.

    Use your forehead, if it's expansive. Your mouse just needs a hard smooth surface so it can tell it's been moving. Much like my first wife.

  2. Some mouse mats just aren't designed for optical mice, too shiny or something like that. I just use the side of my face, not very good when i've had a shave though.

  3. The tech guy who fixes the computers at our school claims that certain patterns and things on mouse pads messes up optical mice. But Sometimes I think it is just the mouse.

  4. Coop, Luckily I have a forehead the size of a small island with no rough terrain - cheers for the tip, it's working perfectly now (apart from the problem of having to sit with my back to the screen to get it moving in the right direction).

    Gary, likewise on my legs - might have more luck using the dogs back.

    Blastergas, that might be the problem, the gaudy Avon book cover...never mind, it works on my forehead perfectly.