Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Palindrome Cat


  1. LMFO. . Funnnnnnnnny!!!. That poor animal. How is he staying so quitely still. (or is it he has no choice...or he is stuffed)

    My cats would have been off like a shot.

    Putting them in their cat basket is a task in a half in itself

    lol xxx

  2. Poor Cat, but it looks yummy!
    Nice blog, I am adding your blog to my blogroll. Hope you do the same too. Cheers!

  3. Chazza, don't worry, he's been photoshopped! If he was real he'd be eaten by some drunk on his way home from the pub, by now.

    Peteformation, nice apart from the hair in the taco. I'll have a gawk at yer blog!

  4. Pete, you so picked the wrong person - I'm a vegetarian, haha!

  5. Pete, all is forgiven - I've spotted your veggie blog :-D

  6. OMG...are you really a Veggie. Never have guessed. Have you always been or a convert?

    Do you have some really good Veggie receipies you can share on the 'notes' of facebook or start a side blogg?

    Please. . .you not going to disappoint me and say you are a 'ready meal' modern kindagirl. . Lol

    seriously I would like to incorporate more Vegitarian meals. We are not total typical everyday carnivors. Just a sucker for a 'Sunday Roast'. . Lol xxx

  7. Chazza, been veggie for 4 years now - I was back in the past too, but I didn't like veggies and lived on chips. I've since learned to love all veggies, that's why I'm grow them, I suppose.

    No recipes as such, I just replace the meat in lasagne/shepherds pie with veggie mince, BLT with veggie bacon, curries and stir fries with quorn chicken - you even get a quorn roast which you carve :-D

    Thank goodness chocolate is vegetarian :-O

  8. I'm scrolling down your blog, Joanne, and I'm confronted by animals in various tasty situations.
    Are you OK?

  9. Isti, don't worry i haven't been cooking up any dog burgers or anything, yet.

  10. This is great, it's creative enough, I'm gonna create a costume like that for my cat during Halloween parties.


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