Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tourettes meeting

Clip from a documentary revisiting John Davidson, a tourettes sufferer

Part 1 of 1989 original Part 2 Part 3
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  2. Oh Bless. . .I remember watching this quite recently. Really felt for them. Was entertaining, they have a great sence of humor with it. They have to no doubt. . LOL. .The pubbs...ginger. You cannot help but laugh. . dogs got tits. .ohhhhhhhhhhh bless. Knew she'd laugh eventually.

    The young lad I really did feel for. . but he does well by replacing a randumn word in place of a sware word.

    My heart goes out to them all. Glad there is so much information out there to make us aware of the condition.


  3. Momo, I don't hold that against you, you can't hel..."Snow-eatin Finnnish weirdo" oops, oh dear, sorry about that :-O

    Chazza, it is sad for them but they cope with it well, they have no other choice.

  4. The poor things, fucking arse, oops,
    dirty arse, oops, I better go. I'm having an attack.

  5. Momo, Chicken! chicken! chicken!

  6. "Yer Dawg's got tits!"
    You just can't help it - it must be liberating to have that condition, surely?

  7. I could see how it would come in handy, Isti, insulting people and getting away with it.


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