Sunday 18 April 2010

Back In My Day...


  1. ha we might laugh. . .i cant remember where I read, cassette tapes are becoming popular use of quick recording. . Xxx

  2. I discovered yesterday that the only way I can transfer pay-per-view movies off my terribly expensive PVR machine, and thereby free up hard disc space for more movies, is to play the movie and record it on a VHS tape while it plays. V frickin' H bloody S. While it plays. They don't even make them any more. So don't talk to me about cassettes until you're prepared to stop being a whippersnapper.

  3. Chazza, you can't remember because it was 30 or so years ago ;-) lol

    Coop, ooh there must be another way, can you not hook it up to the computer...oh I dunno, I'm getting old, too :-P