Friday 2 April 2010

I'm Baaack!

Sorry about the lack of posts, this happened (lots of people standing looking at broken power lines, doing nothing) Photos and usual madness to continue soon :-)

First the floods

Last I saw of the internet ;-(

There's a name for the ice gathering on the lines, can't remember it :-)

Our cows went on holidays to get milked at our uncles...his cows were jailed at ours, hehe!

Coco in the snowsnow
One of many broken lines

Much needed 4x4's

Coco keeping the toes dry

That's not a generator...

...That's a generator!

And of course, just as the generator was hooked up the power came on, three days later.


  1. yikes, sugar! take care, we're be still be here when you come back. xoxoxox

  2. Classic fun, thanks, I nicked one of your videos for the next post :-)

    Savannah, thank yoooo!I think I'm back until the next disaster xoxoxo

    Jon, yeah, so not fair, unfortunately the power wasn't off at work :-(

  3. Ever since the great "There is not a hurricane heading for Britain" fiasco of 1987, the BBC has chosen to err on the disaster-mongering side. So we here in Yorkshire were told to expect the worst, and set to work readying the boats and training walruses to pull buses across the pack-ice.
    There was an evening of heavy-ish rain, when I expected to be called back into work to do damage limitation.
    However, the snow stayed up on the moor tops, a few cars sported festive whiteness, and the following day, the sun shone.
    Meanwhile, hundreds of people were being rescued in Northern Ireland and Scotland, Easter chaos.
    If we had not had the great boiler-house fire of 1993, I could have sent you a pic of a real grown-up generator.

    Hope you're drying out, and the cows can dream of returning to grassland.

  4. Wow. Glad to see Coco is one smart dog, haha!

  5. Soubriquet, yes that's exactly it, expect the worst because you can't rely on local services to help you! Joking aside, NIE got it sorted for us a lot quicker than we expected when we saw the widespread damage. A 75KW generator is enough to power a small village round these parts, nevermind 2 houses and a milking parlour :-) Weather permitting the cows should be out in a matter of weeks.

    Brenda, she is a sneaky wee rascal, :-D Getting through life as canny as possible.