Sunday 4 April 2010

Double Yolkers


  1. My ex-girlfriend's mom always used to say that her cooking was better because she only cooked with double-yolked eggs. I would laugh and shake my head.

    Then a few months ago, she sent me a half dozen. Kinda strangely shaped, jumbo brown eggs. And each one was double-yolked. It was COOL.

    She's a country girl, so I'm not sure where she gets them. Likely a neighbor with some strange chickens.


  2. Chris I think Double yolkers occur more in non-factory farming. I wouldn't be surprised if they were deliberately picked out when sorting.

    Did your cooking taste better using her eggs?

  3. You cant beat double yolkers and toasted soldiers. . .yummmmm

    oh and salt n pepper, finished off with a cupa. . . .mwah xxx

  4. Soubriquet, I wonder if they all came out of the same egg carton?

    Chazza, Oh dear, you've made me hungry again and I've just eaten dinner!