Monday, 12 April 2010

Car Record Players From Yesteryear


  1. Hi huni. . .howd your Easter week go, has the weather up your end improved as in England?

    For once. . .before my time. G8 to see howd theyd get their sounds whilst driving with wind in their hair. . .lol

  2. Hi Chazza, Easter was quiet but nice. Weather has been great over the weekend, a bit dull today.

    Funny how that top player looks quite modern. :-)

  3. My sister got a new car when she graduated high school in 1959. Her car had a record player in it I think. Definitely had to be stopped to play music.

  4. Kayla, it's amazing people had these. I'm sure if worked out in todays money, it wasn't cheap, either.


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