Monday, 31 May 2010

Blaming It On The Black Guy


  1. Saying he fucked us all over is like taking a piss in the ocean and saying it raised sea level. True, but a massive understatement. It is due to every senator, congressman, and president over the last century, as well as a good number of governors and lesser politicians.

  2. @ Brent : but was there at any time anyone worse than him ???
    (or should i write Him for some ????)

  3. I think the Bush's might be the missing link. Look a bit like humans but not all that smart.

  4. don't mention "the missing link" to the bushes family : they'd be proud they'd be studied
    (hu ! "don't mention the war" - i think cleese would have an idea or two too)

  5. Peter, we're not the first to think of this, here he gets a Monty Python style squashing at the end.


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