Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Meow Mania


  1. What a great find, I'm stealing this one! (I'll give you a "hat tip", of course!)

    I love animals, but especially cats. I've got a home movie of me about four years old, carrying "Blackie" around, a HUGE tomcat nearly as big as I was. Since then, I've had quite a few cats, most of them black. I'm not superstitious and maybe they're responsible for the bad luck I've had in my life, but I wouldn't have wanted to do w/out them even if they were.

  2. Mike, steal away! Some people see black cats as unlucky and others say lucky. You're still alive so they can't be that bad :-)

  3. I use to say. . .my practice before the real babies come alone, each lasting 16 years plus. Lol.

    My mummy skills cant be that bad then. . .lol xxx

  4. chazza, you have a degree in catology!


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