Thursday, 6 May 2010

Some Father Ted Pics


  1. ah bless. . .its like looking at an ole family album, each holding a memory (episode).

    Will definately be under 'classic comdies'. . .i love watching over and over and laughing even more,as know whats coming up.

    0ne of my fav to mind is the one with Graham Nortan. . .(before he got famous on our UK TV. . So no idea who he was. When he did appear more on our tv. I refered to him to the guy out of Father Tf) the irish jig in the caravan the serious look on his face.

    and. . .the one he was leading some kids in the cave. Drove them so mad they hid from him and they all got lost. His camp running around and calling out. . .cracked me up.


  2. Chazza, yes classics lol. Wasn't that the one Graham Norton asked the fella why he was late, something like: "It's 10 past the 11, were you out doing cocaine?"

  3. Yes. . .lol xxx

    chazza. .


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