Wednesday 11 August 2010

Fat B*%@tard Food Of The Day



  1. The Scots may have invented the deep fried Mars bar, but trust the Americans to take the biscuit (and the pizza and the ice cream and the cream cakes) nom, nom...

  2. coming back from 'oliday, passed & ate at "Waldgeist" restaurant in germany (check pics through google piccas) - first time in my life i did not finish a schnitzel.... - is a place for fatties too. xxxxxxl fatties, that is

  3. "jes like thay-at"

    Then french cream... OMG! The CDC should declare her a one-woman cardiac arrest pandemic!

  4. Oh totally, Paula Deen is known for her love of butter, watch any episodes of her show and you will get stuff like this!
    I remember she had one episode where she made this casserole (or something) and she just kept on putting on more and more layers of fat into the thing... like custard,cheese, pineapple... more custard. It was insane!

    but could you really say no to this?! ---v

  5. Can I order a heart attack with cheese and extra diabetes?

    lol xD

    now, talking seriously.. it has to do with the quality of life of each country

    in some places, you first have to answer the question: do I have something to eat for today?

  6. Keith, take some lard, cover it in lard then fry it in lard. You cannae lose.

    Peter, I've never even met a Schnitzel, never mind finished one...I think this may be the place you mean...

    Expat, stand back she's gonna blow!!!

    Margaret, that cake does look good but my arteries were hardening as I read the ingredients :-)

    ΛgƎиda, I agree, some are lucky if they have an option all all - never mind the extra helping of "arrgh my heart"

  7. Paula Dean recipes are for special occasions. If you ate like that daily, you'd sweat cholesterol and your arteries would be completely clogged with butter.

  8. Jess, I'm sweating gravy just looking at this!

  9. yup, thàts the place... and i can (not so proudly) say : "been there, done that"

  10. I feel my arteries closing down just watching this. Anyone with a deep fat fryer built into their kitchen is asking for trouble.

  11. Seems like a sensible meal to me: it's got "a little vegetable" right there on top.

  12. I used to be unconcerned about diet, until I passed a few gallstones (they felt like peach seeds) It was a sobering, and painful, experience when added to GERD.

  13. Peter, it's the kinda place you have to visit...once!

    Ken, her skin will be nicely moisturised with all that lard.

    Michael, it's a perfectly balanced diet. Well, if an elephant is on the other side of the scales.

    Jess, I don't like the sound of that!