Tuesday 24 August 2010

Tattoo Correction


  1. He grew an extra finger just to add in the e? That's amazing!!

  2. hi hi hi!
    You have some great funny Pic´s ever here!
    NOW i now were you are under my comments!Labyrinth) (red face)

    Look them i be very sure you or your childs if you have some will love it!

    Sending out some lovely greetings Shadowviewer ;-)

  3. an interesting use of stem cell research & result there ???
    we grew him an extra finger PLUS "correct spelling extra brain cells"

  4. He could have done this without Photoshop if he had just used his thumb and his 'apostrophe'. Just the same, I prefer this.

  5. I'm sorry but I'm the grammar police when it comes to Your and You're. What a dangleberry for having the wrong spelling permanently tattooed on.

  6. Uh, you're is the contraction for YOU are....so he is correct Mr. Grammar police.

  7. Anonymous - You have a lot of guts, you know.. talking smack to people online while concealing your identity. I think Joanne was trying to say he was a moron for having YOUR tattooed on incorrectly. And he isn't correct, because I don't think he had an extra finger surgically added so that he could add the 'e.'
    Either you can't read/count, or you're hurt by the comment because you're an idiot and did something similar. And last but not least, that's MS. Grammar Police.

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Anonymous...Here we have picture one and two. Picture one is the original and picture two is the photoshopped correction.

    It's a joke of the Photoshop kind and I'm beginning to suspect YOU'RE the chick in the photo, Mr Lady.

    Ahhh Jasmine, if I had read your comment first I wouldn't have went to the bother of explaining myself ;-)

  9. Brenda, if I didn't laugh I'd cry and we don't want that :-)