Monday 30 August 2010

Minor Accident



  1. What is it with women and anything more complicated than a pair of curling tongs ? (waits for hail of abusive man hating response - snigger)

  2. I suspect she spent a lot more time in the bar than she did in driving school class.

  3. Keith, you mean some girls can use those???

    Coop, ha ha ha looks like it

  4. Is it me or does it look like an oil leak is already there before the car crashes ?
    Could it be a staged accident ?
    Maybe I am too suspicious of anything found on the internet...

  5. not to be a "man hating" b!tch but how do you know it was a woman?

  6. Anonymous, that's what I was thinking. Is there evidence that the driver was of the XX variety rather than the XY?
    Whatever the gender though, they did a pretty thorough job on the car!!

  7. The text under the YouTube video states the driver is actually a man who is trying to flee the scene.

  8. Toenail, wonder if it's a common occurence? That may be the oil leak from many pranged cars.

    Anon/Dr Mieke/Anon, yes you're right...

    "Hi Youtube
    While watching some cable television I saw the true story to this video.
    Turns out it was a drunk MALE driver..
    the reason he backs out after hitting the parked car was because he was trying to flee from the scene."