Sunday 13 November 2011

Mr. Rogers


  1. Something completely off the subject...The only good cat is a cat stuck on a cactus for three days...

    you'll be wanting to shove that shoe
    up my ass now..... >;P

  2. You don't like cats? :-( We have 8 or so strays to feed, damn the little ones are cute.

  3. Allergic...............
    If a cat gets within a hundred meters of me....nose starts itching, eyes start to swell, chest tightens, trouble breathing, unconsciousness, DEATH.
    ("why am I in the hospital?")
    This does come in handy around here with the large Mountain Lion population and my proclivity for extended wanderings into their territories.

  4. Extreme allergy! Unlucky, never knew anyone who got such a bad reaction.