Wednesday 16 November 2011

Race Against The Tide


  1. ??? but those images are sped up, aren't they???
    cause "over here" tide comes & goes about every 6 hours, so it's not like you have just under 2 minutes or so to flee, huh???
    + i buy my mussels (in case i do so) in the shops : less risk of tidal waves
    ("oooh, watch out for that fat one, he might drown you under his"....)

  2. They reckon they only had half an hour, I'm not sure of all the rules of the ice sea :-)

  3. Once the tide is fully out, it starts coming back and even a little bit of coming back will shift the ice again. They probably have to wait until the tide is fully out and there is no more ice shifting for a few minutes between the full out and the start of the coming back. Just my theory.
    It's still a scarey place to be.

  4. Very scary, how claustrophobic would you feel?