Sunday 13 November 2011

Police Scare And Kill A Calf - Disturbing

The shower of pigs can't even make it a humane end for the poor animal.

Thanks DJ Blur


  1. Idiots videoing morons with pea shooters. Why didn't they use shotguns? A few blasts of buck shot would have taken it down. Atrocious decision making skills.

  2. No one thought of trying to direct the calf into a field, it seems.

  3. And I thought the US was a land proud of its cowboy traditions

    They could have also used a Tomahawk, Gammagoblin

  4. Most ranchers and cowboys have weapons on them in Utah, if you steal or kill cattle you can expect to be arrested or shot and killed.
    Up until a few years ago you get caught and the rancher could legally hang you on the spot.

  5. Who's going to arrest the arresters? The cunts!