Tuesday, 19 February 2008

2-Tone Girls Aloud

They look like a Benetton ad - Lay off the woodstain, Kimberley.
Via Unique Daily


  1. Well shine my shoes.
    I used to be neutral, now I can't decide.

  2. To be honest I prefer the pale look, for some reason- does that make me a borderline necrophiliac case-- O God.
    Coming to your blog is like a therapy session.
    I feel better finding out the truth about myself, but I worry about others. Do you know the answer Joanne?

  3. Cyrano - Shine your (patent leather) shoes up well enough and you might just get an eyeful if you stand in the right spot.

    Sean - Fake tan is so...fake, but I do think Nicola got trapped in a walk-in freezer for a few hours judging by that icy glow. (I don't know the answer, like Socrates, do you?)

  4. I think it's all to do with smoke and mirrows- no not in the bedroom, I mean in life, but now that I think of it, no forget it.
    Yes indeed, that's how I look after a short walk to the shops in 15 below like it is today, and was yesterday here in the frozen north.
    I do like that pale deathly look on though, I don't know what it is;-)

  5. Sean - pale or tanned will do, I couldn't afford to be fussy if I was single, haha!

  6. Tony - It did what it said on the tin.

    Sean - Any wonder you like the pale look, all the chicks in Finland are frozen.

    Istvanski - Stop looking a photos of ladies - get those dishes done, your wife's waving a wooden spoon!


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