Friday, 15 February 2008

James Bond fanatic creates underwater car.

More here. Via I Am Bored.

The old style Lotus Esprit has to be my all time favourite car.


  1. My car is fully equipped with John Barry CDs

  2. A ride back in time.
    As I grow older I notice more the changes, the advance of new tec.
    and the old cars, cameras, and such vanishing into collection pieces.
    Sad feeling really- for me anyway.

  3. Tomorrow on the way to work, I'm planning to play a John Barry CD loudly as I sit revving my old Suzuki Swift at the traffic lights in Ballymoney. Sean, I am that collector!
    (The photos don't fit into my new layout very well I know)

  4. I'm jealous.
    Nice to muse through the past with it all around you.
    ;-) ;-)

  5. So where's your flickr page then? Any photographer worth his or her salt has their own flickr page.

  6. Istvanski, I have very few photos uploaded, I'll put some more on it now.

  7. Little wee tiny window at the back
    I used to own a old yellow Lotus Elan.(i now have a Skoda!Such is Life.............

  8. Tony, I'd settle for a Lotus Elan, too!


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