Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tin man

Time has taken its toll on The Movie's cast, and none of the principal players are with us any more. Frank Morgan died in 1949, Bert Lahr in 1968, Judy Garland in 1969, Billie Burke in 1970, Jack Haley in 1979, Margaret Hamilton in 1985, and Ray Bolger in 1987. The only cast members known to still be alive are Lois January, who was one of the Emerald City manicurists and the woman holding the cat Toto chased, and nine of the actors who played Munchkins, many of whom still make public appearances. Among the most visible of these are Jerry Maren (middle Lollipop Guild kid), Margaret Pellegrini (various Munchkin women), Clarence Swenson (soldier), and Meinhardt Raabe (the Coroner). Some of the young girls who played Munchkins are also still alive, as is Judy Garland double Caren Marsh-Doll.


  1. Shall we invite all the surviving munchkins along with the Gene Wilder era Oompa-Loompas over and have a big rave up?

  2. They'd be hurtling about on mini zimmer frames. Bless.


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