Tuesday, 12 February 2008


My two new pairs of glasses! These are from the £25 range at Specs-by-post.

Specsavers can kiss my big fat ass!


  1. Ultra ultra cool, really, and the green eyes.
    I heard there's a queue of specsavers staff since you made this post.

  2. Aw I didn't want to put anyone out of a job ;-)

  3. I Use SpecSavers & those would cost (say?) £100+ Useful Info.come to think of it.do you think Specsavers would give me my 3 month old prescription for me to use in Future?

  4. Tony, you can use a prescription up to 2 years old, they should have given you a copy last time you got an eye test. Only other thing you need is a pupil distance measurement, Specsavers aren't obliged to do this, but they will for a small fee (or free if you ask the right person).

  5. "Dis are 2 tone glasses..."
    Jerry Dammers would be proud!

  6. Istvanski...that's why I got em!


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