Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dancing with my duck

Strange Kid Dances with Duck This whole dorm room scene is so disturbing, yet I can`t stop looking to see what`s going to happen next.


  1. I hope that duck shits in his vile orange bodywarmer.

  2. Part 2.
    A year later he eats the duck.
    ;-) ;-)

  3. I hope it shits on him too...It'll not last two minutes the way he's swingin it about.

  4. Sometimes I think YouTube should work on developing its own spam filter. It would be on the lookout for, say, kids who only take videos in bathrooms, have no visible talent, keep looking at the camera to make sure it hasn't wandered off from lack of interest, own a duck ... that kind of thing.

  5. Cooper, maybe people who buy video recorders should undergo a talent assessment before they are let out of the shop.


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