Monday, 19 May 2008

Hangover finalists

From Cat


  1. True story:

    When I managed an apartment complex I was heading out to work one morning and a car parked next to my truck was idling with two people in it. One was a tenant of ours, the other her boyfriend.

    They looked to be passed out. When I looked closer I realized they were in fact, passed out.

    He with his pants unzipped and she with his willy half in her mouth.

    Since his window was open I decided they weren't in danger of asphyxiating so I drove off and left them to their own devices.

  2. Boy we do see some sights of when people have been on a heavy nights lashing...Fortunate for me I was told I was an organised paraletic.

    On one of these occasions at a party a friend of mine put me to bed when I flopped on her lounge floor. Apparently when she came to check on me (I have no idea of all this). There was a carrier bag tangled around my arm. On lookin' YES YOU GUESSED WHAT WAS IN IT. .

    My mate couldn't believe I had found a carrier bag in the state I was in, chucked up what I had to, and collapsed back to sleep...Oh to be young x

  3. When I was 18yrs. I went on "one of my first" drinking sessions.
    To be honest I hated the taste of beer, but on this particular occasion I managed quite a few bottles (Carlsberg Special. I never touched it ever after Carlsberg that is) I don't remember getting home until the next morning my Dad dragging me out of bed - you can guess what when I tell you what happened next
    I tell you it all came back to me right quick - I had ventured to the toilet during the night, managing to make it some how to my parents bedroom, opened the wardrobe, and pissed into it - and I never pissed in anybody’s wardrobe, press, or draw, again.
    That is absolutely true- cross me heart and hope to die.

  4. That bottom picture, what on earth did that poor watermelon do to that drunkard. Reminds me of the days when I used to drink "Green Bastards" least I choked on my own vomit.

  5. Deadman, your tenant has no idea you saw

  6. Chazza, I'm a bit like that, always make sure there's something to barf into, a hangbag or shoe is a good option, lol.

    MM, it would surprise you how many peeps have done that, it's usually someone elses wardrobe from what I hear :-)

    Ist, what the hell is a Green Bastard? Sounds like an episode of Trailer park boys.

  7. Green Bastard is a snakebite mixed with creme de mente...lethal.

  8. Isty, I've only ever mixed creme de mente with Baileys...sounds jivin'.

  9. That first one brought back memmories when I was around 20 years old. I had way to much to drink and passed out and if I didn't have my dog with me I may have died from my own vomit

  10. The Man... did your dog put you in the recovery position?